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Mental Health Of Mechanical Engineers Working In Machine Set-Ups

Mechanical engineers are professionals working on machines. They are skilled workers who carry out the task of building, repairing and maintaining different varieties of devices. If you happen to ask any mechanical engineer about his or her mental condition, he or she will tell you one common phrase, and that is: I am completely stressed out”. Stress is something that is commonly found on the faces of individuals engaged in machine-related activities and jobs. Lack of proper sleep and mental stress get portrayed in slouched backs, tense shoulders and physical aches. Sometimes the stress and the pressure induced from long working hours can develop into more complicated and pressing problems like eating disorders, anxiety, and depression. It has been found through studies that around 8.4% of full-time mechanical workers experience depressive episodes.

Panic Attacks are Common in Mechanical Engineers

Mechanical engineers or the ones engaged in the development and repair of different varieties of machines tend to experience major panic attacks. They get hit by a certain overwhelming sensation of tension and stress from all their required assignments and work pressures. They also suffer from the anxiety of whether they have the ability to finish their tasks on time or not. Many machine workers and engineers also face the fear of not being able to perform well at their jobs disappointing themselves and their peers. What is more alarming is that this problem among mechanical engineers does not get any attention and there are no efforts made in getting the right treatment for this condition. Things are hopeless for these professionals.

Major Mental and Physical Health Consequences for Female Workers

The industry for developing, repairing and maintaining machines is an industry that is largely dominated by men. This is because many girls do not choose this field thinking that they would have a tough time handling and developing machines and they are delicate enough to handle machines. However, this is something that is being done away by the modern women choosing to develop machines by undergoing specialized courses and training in this field. However, the sad thing is that even for the women who have this guts to choose the mechanical field, it is quite challenging to cope up with the mental pressure that they need to go through on a regular basis. Several emotional issues tend to affect the female engineers. They are the minority in this field, and hence they need to face gender bias. This makes women feel that they need to prove themselves to their employers and their male counterparts. The majority of the companies and heads of departments are men. Thus, women lack female companionship resulting in feelings of loneliness and isolation.

What needs to be done?

So, what are the measures that can be taken for safeguarding the mental health of individuals, both men, and women, engaged in the development, repair, and maintenance of different types of machines? In this situation, psychological services and counseling centers can come up with great support because they offer the help needed in work-related problems and with depression. There are no coping mechanisms for mechanical engineers. The only thing that they can do is unwind after work while taking assignments and work-related pressure out of their minds.