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In addition to writing blogs, I am also a mechanical engineer working in the field of building, repairing and maintaining different types of machines. I want to share a story with all of you about the recent experiences that I have had in the field of machines along with my reflections and thoughts on it. I am just hoping that I am not the only one being affected mentally and physically while working in this field. I know that many other individuals are facing the same problem that I am facing at present and we obviously want a solution for this.

                                                                             About Myself

To start off, I will detail something about myself. I am a mechanical engineer, and I am involved in building new machines, repairing different machines and even maintaining them in the best way possible. I am involved in some mechanical events and roles. I also like to consider myself as one of the most active parts of the community that I live in whether by way of technical or social areas. It is only because I was a machine fanatic right from my childhood that I went into mechanical engineering. I am well aware of different types of engines and can always bring you the details of the different kinds available. I possess a degree in machine parts development and testing. So, why is all this important? This is because I want to share with you a story of the internal or the mental struggle that I am going through while working as a mechanical engineer. I am quite sure that many of us face questions like “What are the steps that I need to take towards success? What am I doing here? What are the things that make me happy and am I going to be comfortable working on machines the rest of my life”? All these questions are very well-loaded, and I am not sure whether I can answer all of them.

Why I am not satisfied?

Most of the times, I question my sense of belonging to this career. Of course, I am fond of my work culture and community. I have made good progress in this field, and I have also made a name among my peers and employers. And yet, I cannot help, but I have this feeling that I am not fit to be a Mechanical Engineer. I have the skills and the education needed for serving this field but the pressure and the stress that I need to go through every day, brings me down and I feel as if I will not be able to give my best while working in this field.  I know that I am working in an industry that I have always been interested in my entire life. But at the same time, I feel that I have not learned anything new except the information and the exposure that I have got on certain subsets of the specific industry standards. I am going through a lot of pressure, and I know that more challenges are waiting, but still, I want to continue. This is because I have a firm belief in myself and I know that the decisions I make will be safe.